Rebecca Pangerl.

Rebecca is a Type-A creative (a rare breed) based in Tucson, AZ with a passion for simple, significant design. She finds herself interested in pursuing the application of beautiful designs across a variety of mediums including both print and digital. She is excited to graduate from ASU with her BSD in Visual Communication Design and is especially looking forward to a shorter commute. When she’s not tied to her computer working on a design, creating a spreadsheet, or updating her Notion, she can be found spending time with her cute husband, being a homemaker, or hosting a social event.

NASA Psyche Mission


Partnered with ASU, NASA has set out to explore a metal world in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. This metal world, also known as the Psyche asteroid, is believed to be the core of an early planetesimal that may have survived many collisions throughout the formation of our solar system. This mission has the potential to unlock new knowledge of how Earth came to be and what lies at its core.