Ryan Filan.


Ryan Filan is an illustrator and designer native to Tempe, Arizona, and receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communication Design. He has a love for music, sneakers, fashion, basketball, but more than anything, design. He also has tentative plans for after graduation to move to New York and find a job there as a designer. He hopes he can eventually land a job as an in house designer for Complex Networks, one of his favorite companies and Media outlets for all the hobbies he enjoys. Lastly, if anyone is feeling inclined to send him some money to fund his life, you can venmo him at @Ryan-Filan.

Drug Trafficking


Drug trafficking is not a new issue in the United States. It has plagued our society since the early 19th century, slowly snowballing out of control and finally reaching its peak in the last 5 years, turning into the worst drug epidemic that the United States had ever seen. In the past the most trafficked drug was marijuana, but with the legalization of weed in the United States, we have seen a decrease in marijuana and an increase in fentanyl, cocaine and cocaine. The increase in these drugs has shown to affect youth and communities as a whole, leading to an increase in violent crime and youth O.D’s across the nation. The best way one can help combat this is by going out and voting on propositions that are more strict on hard drugs and fund education.