Sha DeWitt.

Sha DeWitt is Arizona born and raised. She is enthusiastic about the mingling of the rich culture and history of the southwest and design. By dedicating her time to serve her community, Sha hopes to continue community growth and raise awareness for the unique challenges of our region. Beyond design, she enjoys watching movies, hiking, sewing, and spending as much time as she can on her family’s ranch in Navajo, AZ.

Condemnation of Femininity

human rights

The lens of feminism has changed over time. As women have advocated for civil rights and the ability to choose their own path, some have seen traditionally feminine practices as oppressive and a submission to patriarchal values. These ideals have further enforced prescribed gender norms, like submissiveness and weakness, and have continued to make it difficult for feminine women to gain higher positions in business. Even “androgynous” women are at a disadvantage because men and women see them as less psychologically fit for higher paid positions.

Women need the autonomy to choose to be feminine or not. Femininity deserves to be a behavior fitting for management positions. Women that feel safe to act true to themselves are able to be happier and more productive employees.