Sidnee Abeyta.

Sidnee Abeyta is a graphic designer based in Arizona who received a Bachelor of Science in Visual Communication Design and a Minor in Business. In her Senior year at ASU, she obtained an opportunity with University College, where she worked as a Visual Designer. She has a strong passion for environmentalism, and advocating for responsible design. Sidnee loves everything that pushes her creatively, including: sewing, music, dance, and photography. When she isn’t designing, you can catch her exploring somewhere new with her cat Cow, or in a coffee shop with a good book.

Marital Rape

human rights

14% of women will be raped by their spouse. As of 2022, there are exemption laws in twelve states. In many of those twelve states, the law requires rape to have “Overpowering Force or Violence”. This allows a husband to rape his unconscious wife and the assault would be exempt from prosecution by the state court. Many people still believe that rape within a marriage is not considered rape. There is a huge need for greater awareness of these loophole laws, while advocating for a cultural change. Encourage discussions about what consent means within a marriage..